Colin MacInnes

Colin MacInnes (20 August 1914 – 22 April 1976) was an English novelist.

MacInnes was born in London, the son of singer James Campbell McInnes and novelist Angela Thirkell, and was educated in Australia. He served in the British intelligence corps during World War II.

He was the author of a number of books depicting London youth and black immigrant culture during the 1950s, in particular City of Spades (1957), Absolute Beginners (1959) and Mr. Love and Justice (1960).

Mr Love and Justice follows two characters, Frank Love and Edward Justice, in late 50s London. Mr. Love is a novice ponce (pimp); Mr. Justice is a cop newly transferred to the plainclothes division of the Vice Squad. Gradually their lives intermesh.

[edit] List of Works
To the Victor the Spoils (1950)
June In Her Spring (1952)
City of Spades (1957)
Absolute Beginners (1959)
Mr. Love and Justice (1960)
England, Half English (1961) - a collection of previously published journalism
London, City of Any Dream (1962) - photo essay
Australia and New Zealand (1964) - Time/Life Volume
All Day Saturday (1966)
Sweet Saturday Night (1967) - essays on music
Westward to Laughter (1969)
Three Years to Play (1970)
Loving Them Both: A Study of Bisexuality (1973)
Out of the Garden (1974)
No Novel Reader (1975)
Out of the Way: Later Essays (1980)
Absolute MacInnes: The Best of Colin MacInnes (1985)

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