H. E. Todd

H. E. Todd was a British writer of children's fiction. He died in 1988.

He is best known for his "Bobby Brewster" novels. Often these novels would have common household items suddenly coming to life and chatting to young Bobby Brewster.

In 1969 and 1970, he appeared on BBC's long running children's television show Jackanory reading several Bobby Brewster stories. Unlike other episodes of Jackanory these were recorded in front of an audience of schoolchildren.

His major works are listed below.
Booby Brewster novels
Booby Brewster and the Winkers' Club
Booby Brewster's Jigsaw Puzzle
Booby Brewster and the ghost
Booby Brewster's potato
Booby Brewster's torch
Booby Brewster, detective
Booby Brewster's camera
Booby Brewster's scarecrow
Booby Brewster's balloon race
Booby Brewster's wishbone
Booby Brewster's first fun
Booby Brewster's bookmark
Booby Brewster and the magic handyman
Booby Brewster's bee
Booby Brewster's bicycle
Booby Brewster's hiccups
Booby Brewster's lamp post
Booby Brewster's old van
Booby Brewster's typewriter
Booby Brewster's wallpaper

Other Novels
'Sick Cow
Jungle Silver (1981)
Santa's Big Sneeze (1986)
The Sleeping Policeman (1988?)
The Very Very Very Long Dog
The Big Sneeze
The Clever Clever Cats
Scruffy, Scruffy Dog
The Crawly Crawly Caterpillar
Tiny, Tiny Tadpole
The Roundabout Horse
The Tiger Who Couldn't Be Bothered
The Silly Silly Ghost
Changing of the Guard
King of Beasts
George the Fire-engine

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