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  1. 18, 2014 at 3:25 AM

    Then raise their rates according to their degree of proficiency and experience in the field.But whether you are setting your rates as a business owner or you're looking to take on overflow work from a bigger transcription business, you need to make sure to are getting paid a decent rate without undercharging or shortchanging yourself only as you're new to the area.

    You definitely don't need just because you're new to general transcription to work for less than minimum wage. So use this basic rule to get a range in mind of what you should charge new clients or what you ought to be searching for in the way of taking overflow work.

    It may take a brand new transcriptionist anywhere from five to seven hours to transcribe a one-hour audio file, including research for business special terms and phrases. I personally believe today, you really shouldn't be earning less than $10 per typing hour. General transcription is a profession.

    It's not just a "typing from home job," and it deserves better than minimum wage. Most bigger transcription businesses that outsource their corporate transcription pay about $40 to $45 per audio hour, which by industry standards to kind one hour of audio at four hours.


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